Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DILEMMA… (or “a very silly post”, as I’m in a silly mood today)

I really like Ajay Devgan, but I can’t allow myself to have a crush on him – not even a teensy-weensy hemi-demi-semi one.

I like Ajay because he can pull off action hero (“Vijaypath” - was supposed to blog about it today but in too silly a mood to do a review), lover boy (“Ishq”), freedom fighter (“The Legend of Bhagat Singh”), ruthless career criminal (“Company”), honest policeman (“GangaJaal”) and silent, sensitive, nice guy (“Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”); with equal aplomb. He makes each character believable. Although, in my opinion, he does strong and silent better than anything else, there definitely is some versatility to him. I like his style of acting, full of undertones and somehow kind of dark and just… interesting.

And now that I’ve established that I appreciate his depth as a serious actor, let’s move on to shall we say, ‘shallower’, grounds… ‘brown skin, you know I love your brown skin…’ India Arie sang that, and I must admit I do like Mr. Devgan’s honey-licious skin. I also like his wonky teeth (and the fact that he hasn’t had them straightened). I love that sideways smile he does, that transforms his face everytime he does it. I love it when he does that deadpan look that somehow also comes off as mean. I love that side-parted haircut of his… I think it suits him to a tee. I love his eyes, especially when he gets that intensity behind them. I love that lean mean rangy physique and that unstudied, groovy stride he has. And I like his bum… ooh, but now I feel bad for saying that.

Which brings me to my dilemma… while I like Ajay and think he’s one of the coolest cats in my Bolly-hood, I can’t bring myself to crush on him. Why? Because he’s married to Kajol, probably my fave contemporary Bollywood actress. And because, while I really know nothing about the ‘real’ Mrs. Devgan, from her movies and interviews she seems like just the kind of girl I would like. A fun-loving, creative, interesting, strong, opinionated, funny, feisty female with a slightly eccentric edge. The sort of girl I could picture myself having lunch, catching a movie, and going shopping with. The sort of girl who would be enthusiastic about life and passionate about the things she believes in. She seems like I would like her to have her as a friend. And although that’ll never happen in this lifetime, and she might very well NOT be the sort of person I’d get along with at all, I still like her, and I would still feel TOTALLY guilty for having a crush (even a silly, daft, playful one – as my crushes – and all good crushes - invariably are) on her husband.

Anyway, this is one celebrity marriage I’m definitely rooting for. I think this couple is so cute and talented, and I really hope they find a way to stay together and be happy despite the pressures of fame and career. The rumour mills have been churning out speculations about the state of your union, guys, but please try your best to keep the ‘Kajay’ show on the road. Someone’s rooting for you, Kajol and Ajay.

Kajol and Ajay Devgan on their wedding day.


Alan said...

I've always like Ajay Devgan's performances. I think he's one of the most underrated actors. Speaking of Vijaypath, one of my all time favorite song and dance numbers is Ruk Ruk Ruk with Tabu. Totally goofy choreography, but lots of fun to watch.

Daddy's Girl said...

OMG, that song is going to be the highlight of my 'Vijaypath' review, whenever I get around to doing it. That number is INSANE, but you just gotta love Tabu for doing it with such abandon. It's a really good number, so wacky and out of control you can't help but enjoy it. After seeing it (and seeing Tabu's 'Hera Pheri' number - the one in which she's chasing another man - Sunil Shetty), I'm really wishing they'd cast her opposite SRK in 'Baadshah' (have you seen that one?) instead of whoever it was they cast. I mean, she was ok, but I think Tabu would've been even better. I like the fact that she seems sober and restrained but can let go and be really wacky at the same time.

Alan said...

I looked on my DVD shelf and found a copy of Baadshah. So, I know I've seen it, but it's been a really long time. Twinkle Khanna was the female lead in that movie.

Tabu was very good in Chandi Bar. Not a "fun movie", but she really showed her acting ability.

If you post pictures of Ruk Ruk Ruk, my favorite is the big smile near the end when she's wearing the red polka-dot dress.

Maja said...

Yay! I'm rooting for Kajol and Ajay too :)
I haven't seen very much of Ajay so far, but I really liked him in HDDCS and I definitely have to see some more of his movies.
Also, thank you for "wonky teeth", "wonky" is one of my favourite words in English :D

PS. Ugh, I HATE Blogger-freaking-beta, it suddenly won't let me log in with my Blogger account. Let's hope the Google one works ...
< /monologue >

Daddy's Girl said...

@Alan: Thanks for that... Twinkle Khanna. I always wonder about names like Twinkle and Dimple in Bollywood. I haven't seen 'Chandni Bar' yet, but I'll look out for it, thanks. LOL @ the big smile in the red polka dot dress... will try to post that picture... that whole part of the film is a riot. So crazy.

@Maja: I know, I love 'wonky' too! Yep, I loved him in HDDCS, I was like 'hey Ash, if you don't want him, take your muscle man and send Ajay my way!' LOL @ the monologue - Blogger-beta can be a pain in the behind.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - thanks for your comments over at Filmi Geek - just thought I would return the favor. Your blog is lots of fun - love your humor and enthusiasm!

By the way, Dharam is one of my favorites as well - I'm not crazy about his politics but that doesn't matter when I watch his films. I highly recommend that you see "Seeta aur Geeta" post haste - he doesn't have the biggest part in it but he has two songs and it's a great, great film.

(PS: Why don't you have an RSS feed? I'd like to add you to my feed reader...)

Miss Opeke said...

Wow! And I thought I was a Bollywood Fanatic...Daddy's girl, you sure beat me to it...I really enjoyed reading your blog - In praise of all things Dharmendra-related I will surely be back again and again...

Daddy's Girl said...

@carla: Hey, thanks for stopping by! I am looking forward to 'Seeta aur Geeta' - hopefully will get a copy soon. Love your blog, really interesting - sorry about the barrage of comments, by the way!! I'm going to do the RSS feed thing - haven't done it yet because I'm such a technophobe!

@9ja opeke: Yayy! Another Nigerian Bollywood fanatic - I know there are many of us, but it's always fun to meet one. Glad to meet you. Glad you enjoyed the blog, please come round again.