Friday, April 15, 2011


(Eek... I wrote this post AGES ago but for some reason never posted it, and just realised now that it was still sitting in my drafts...)

Amaluu, who writes the wonderful Bollystalgia! blog, very kindly and graciously nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award (thanks Amaluu!). There are many things I enjoy about blogging, but by far the best thing has to be the opportunity to get to know so many great bloggers like Amaluu and to share ideas and opinions with them.

I don't blog very often these days, but even when I find myself taking long breaks from this blog, what inevitably brings me back is always the desire to share something with and learn something from this richly diverse group of bloggers who always manage to evoke raucous laughter, wild imaginings, deep thought, and so much more, in me.

Anyway, on to the Stylish Blogger tag... I get to share 7 facts about myself, and then I get to pass this on to 7 more stylish bloggers. So, facts about me:

1. I love to drive, it's one of my very favourite things to do, but I have an absoloutely terrible sense of direction while driving. I can drive to the same place everyday for weeks and still get lost every single time. I am also not a very careful driver - I get into a lot of scrapes on the road.

2. I absolutely crave adventure and new experiences, and will try just about anything once - with a few exceptions (see 4. below).

3. I am grossed out by a number of things, but have only two true phobias... frogs and buttons (yes, buttons - don't ask). They make me shudder with fright and disgust.

4. I am one of those annoying people who won't give up on a task (or a hobby, or an interest, or a project, or even a silly spreadsheet) once they really get stuck in. I have learned (the hard way) to be careful about what I get myself into, because chances are, once I'm in, I'm really, really in, and it might be a long time before I get out (especially if I'm really good at it and/or really enjoy it). I can get totally wrapped up in stuff very easily.

5. I am naturally very shy, although I've gotten much better at handling it over the years. I used to be painfully shy, now I'm just shy. Once I get really comfortable with people, though, I get very goofy and silly.

6. I almost always root for the underdog (except when the underdog is insupportable for reasons of principle) - I just don't see the point of supporting the person with the most supporters.

7. My greatest passions are travel, writing and music. To pay the bills, these days I am a lawyer who somehow got roped into the rustic (but often very interesting) world of shipping. But I intend to live off my passions eventually.

Phew... that was tough... now to the easy part... there are SO many blogs that I love and consider extremely stylish and well-written, but since I'm posting this so late, I think most of them will already have received this award, plus I guess this tag is really old now... so for some super-stylish blogs, please look to the left - I have lots of amazing blogs listed in my sidebar, and I love them all!