Sunday, December 10, 2006


Kisses, kisses, kisses... I'm a bit bored with it now. Just saw the Hrithik/Ash kiss on YouTube and I thought it was very boring. Couldn't wait for the scene to be over. And Aishwarya seemed so wooden... poor Hrithik put in a valiant effort, but I don't think the whole thing worked. Pity - with all the flak they've gotten for it, it would've been nice if they could at least have been able to say 'well, it was a good scene and it was worth it' (although I'm sure they tell themselves that anyway). Just shows that two unbelievably beautiful people a beautiful kiss doth not make.

Still on kisses, now THIS was a nice kiss. It's gone a long way towards erasing the NASTY Vinod Khanna/Madhuri scene I had the misfortune of stumbling upon (I blogged about it on Friday) from my mind. So I must thank Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor for this. I feel so much better now:

Yep, I just saw 'Raja Hindustani'. I've been wanting to see it for a while, and I really enjoyed it. It's one of those staple rich girl/poor boy things, but it's very nicely done... except for the 'lord of the manor' bits Aamir had to do, which were annoying. It's a bit of a silly movie, I guess, but it's very entertaining (the music is really nice), and Aamir and Karisma are very good in it - except for Karisma's singing at the birthday party in the beginning - now I see why Beth described it as 'horrible'. Even Rani's rendition at Amit-ji's party in 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham' was way better (and that one wasn't good at all - especially the toodooloo bit at the end - what was that?) Anyway, it was a good film and I think I've now liked Karisma in enough movies ('Dil To Pagal Hai', 'Hum Saath Saath Hain', 'Ek Rishtaa' (although I didn't really like her character), 'Jaanwar' (a.k.a. the film in which the 'funny' bits aren't and the parts that are meant to be serious are hilarious) and now 'Raja Hindustani') to add her to my sidebar. She has really good energy, and she puts her heart into her acting (or seems to)... and she can dance (really well).

Back to today's subject, I'm now just bored with kisses (and all the attendant furore) in Bollywood movies... what's in a kiss anyway? It's just... a kiss (except when it's a KISS, which is pretty special - and rare). I think Bollywood does pretty well without them (I know, I know, they DO kiss, but it's certainly far from frequent), but if they simply MUST have them, they're gonna have to do a bit better than Mr. Roshan and Ms. Rai's attempt. Hey, Karisma and Aamir could give lessons and make a mint... 'A & K's Kissing School'.


Alan said...

Hi, Very nice and well written blog you have here. I saw the Ash/Hritik YouTube clip and your assessment is right on.

I checked out the Vinod Khanna/Madhuri scene and it was a bit nasty. However, from a guy's point of view, I'll have to say that as a profession, acting does have it's benefits. ;)

The Karisma/Aamir kiss seemed simple, natural, and fit the film quite well. Nothing gratuitous about it.

I've been a bit slow on updating my Bollywood blog, but I'll have some time off soon, and will try to get back up to speed.

Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Alan, yes the kiss in 'Raja Hindustani' was very nice and tastefully done. I really like your Bollywood blog... and I'm jealous of your poster collection!

Aparna said...

Did you have to write about this...and remind me of my sweet dreams abt Aamir and I when I was in bad girl!!!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL!! Awww... that's cute, Aparna.

Angela G. Skylar said...

Have you seen salaam namaste, ummm...yeah I totally wasn't expecting the kiss in that one...actually I was certain that there was no kissing in Bollywood movies until I this movie. Boy was I naive, apparently they've been doing it since the 80's the 70's when Raja Hindustani came out I guess??