Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is my last Deol Dhamaka post, which makes me a little sad!

A stunning testament to just how much the Deols are loved in blogland, Deol Dhamaka has been a huge, rip-roaring success, and there are over 100 (posts) HERE to show for it. I have been having such a blast reading them all, and have learnt all kinds of cool/interesting stuff, so I would definitely recommend that you check the links out.

This post is in the style of my other elevator post, but this time everyone involved in the encounter is a Deol… so I think the answers will be a lot more obvious this time!

D1 (to D2): Hey, where are you going?

D2: My stylist called in sick this morning, so I have to dash out to the hair salon. There’s this place in Bandra that’s been getting rave reviews, so I’m going to try them out. Keep your fingers crossed for me; you know how much value I place on my hair. I’m hoping all goes well. Where are you off to?

D1: Where else? The gym. I’ve been slacking off a bit these days; I need to get back in shape.

D3: But I thought you weren’t doing action films anymore… does it really matter?

D1 (looking around in mock bewilderment): Did someone just speak?

D4: Gosh, no need to be so rude to D3!

D1 (laughing): Listen, as much as I love you, I don’t need a little kid telling me how to behave. Go back to your little island in the Mediterranean or wherever it is you’ve been shooting your cute little film.

D4: Hmmm… you sound a little… bitter.

D1: Well, that’s because I probably am a little bitter. Let me just make one thing clear to you, D4, no-one can look after your interests as well as family can, and…

The lift door slides open, and in walks D5. Everyone in the lift falls silent, except for…

D3: I am SO glad you’re here! D1 is being so rude to me! No one talks to me the way he does; I get respect everywhere I go because I demand it... but D1 is just SO disrespectful!! Arrgh!! What have I ever done to deserve this?

D5: You should all be ashamed of yourselves… you are all adults now and I expect you to act maturely.

D2: B...b…but I wasn’t involved!! I wasn’t mean to D3. I am just going to the salon. I didn’t say anything… I just want to go get my hair done… it’s... it’s just so stressful having it in this… unstyled state!!

D4 (laughing): Don’t be such a baby, D2!

D5: Yes, don’t be a baby! GROW UP!!!

D2 promptly bursts into tears. D1 tries to comfort D2…

D1: Don’t cry dear! I have just received a great new film script to produce, and I have cast you in the lead role. It’s a fantastic story – there’s action, romance, comedy… plus Anil has already agreed to direct. Come on, cheer up, cheer up!

D3: Is there a part in there for me?! My career needs revival too!!

D1: I’m sorry, did someone just say something?! D4, is D5 STILL TRYING TO SPEAK TO ME??!! I AM GETTING REALLY FED UP!!

Faced with D1’s frightening anger, D3 bursts into tears of distress, and is comforted by D5…

D5: Don’t cry dear, don’t cry… I will pay for you to take a shopping trip to Europe, and… and… I will also pay for you to take another romantic holiday with your… err… friend… look don’t cry, everything will be ok….

D4 looks at D1 consoling a sobbing D2, and D5 petting a weeping D3, and mutters in disgust:

D4: Damn... why the hell wasn’t I born into a cooler family?!


Shell said...

haha. love these! So, I'm not that familiar with the Deol's, but here's my stab in the dark...
D1- Sonny
D2- Bobby
D3- Esha
D4- Abhay
D5- Dharmendra

nayika said...

This is so good lol!

I agree pretty much with Shell on all my guesses.

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol at these, i agree with Shell though I think D4 might just be Hema Malini