Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Questionnaires - Part 2 (Bobby, Abhay and Esha)

And here's the continuation of my Deol questionnaires…. Bobby, Esha and Abhay….

My favourite thing about Bobby Deol is: His smile – he has a good one, genuine and charming

My least favourite thing about Bobby Deol is: His hair (when it’s long)…. Not a fan. At all.

My 3 favourite Bobby Deol movies are: Tough. Because I haven’t seen most of his films (especially the older, more popular ones), and I am yet to see a Bobby Deol movie that I’ve liked wholeheartedly and without reservation. But I did like him in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Dostana (most of it) and Apne.

My 3 least favourite Bobby Deol movies are: Shakalaka Boom Boom was awful, and Barsaat (2005 – ridiculously tagged ‘A Sublime Love Story’) was pretty bad too. Dosti: Friends Forever was not terrible (mostly thanks to Bobby, actually), but it certainly wasn’t good either

I wish Bobby Deol would: Work with creative, original filmmakers more often

I wish Bobby Deol would not: Wear his hair long. Ever.
Bobby Deol’s best career move was: Nurturing a softer, more contemporary image

Bobby Deol’s worst career move was: Working with bad directors in low-quality productions

What distinguishes Bobby Deol as an actor: I’ve been thinking about this one for a while… maybe his generosity and willingness to share screen space and put his co-stars in the best light – something that has always struck me in his performances
My advice to Bobby Deol is: Obviously (as I’ve already mentioned it twice), I like you so much better with short hair, and I wish you would keep it short always. I also wish you would be more adventurous in your film choices and make an effort to work with better filmmakers.

And now on to Abhay....

My favourite thing about Abhay Deol is: His effortless confidence and cool... he wears it well

My least favourite thing about Abhay Deol is: Nothing really. Sometimes I think he tries a little too hard to be ‘different’ and ‘edgy’, but for the most part, I like him just fine as he is

My 3 favourite Abhay Deol movies are: Dev D, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!
My 3 least favourite Abhay Deol movies are: Ahista Ahista was so dull and ended so stupidly

I wish Abhay Deol would: Work with Mahie Gill again… and soon!

I wish Abhay Deol would not: Nothing really… I like the direction he’s chosen to go in

Abhay Deol’s best career move was: Seeking his own path

Abhay Deol’s worst career move was: I think he’s made pretty good choices so far… I’m not sure that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was a great choice for him, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough

What distinguishes Abhay Deol as an actor: His willingness to take risks, try new things, work with new directors, and develop new ideas

My advice to Abhay Deol is: I really like your choices so far. You’re doing your own thing, but not in a predictable manner. I even like that you did Aisha, although I hear you're regretting that choice now. Just keep doing what you’re doing

And finally, Ms. Diva Esha....

My favourite thing about Esha Deol is: There’s something… hard almost, a little edgy, and restless about her that I really like. Her looks are unconventional, but I find them appealing. And I think there’s an opinionated, bold side of her that flashes out from time to time. Also something that approaches masculinity, which I find compelling (in a good way)

My least favourite thing about Esha Deol is: She seems…. self-entitled to me. Like she just expects to do well, almost without trying, just because she is Esha Deol. I never really feel any passion or real depth from her

My 3 favourite Esha Deol movies are: Just Married, Yuva, Dhoom

My 3 least favourite Esha Deol movies are: Kya Dil Ne Kahaa (atrocious!), Ankahee (which, it has to be said, she was actually pretty good in – absolutely nuts, but good. It was one of her best performances so far, in my opinion – but it just wasn’t a good film)

I wish Esha Deol had: Chosen more roles (even in smaller films) that really showcased her talents and helped her grow as an actress

I wish Esha Deol had not: Taken on cutesy, saccharine roles like her role in Kya Dil Ne Kahaa… totally the wrong fit – I don't think there’s anything sweet about Esha. Roles that are a stretch for her, and she's no great talent, so she can't make them truly believable.

Esha Deol’s best career move was: I don't know.... I think she could be a lot smarter career-wise... and I think her chances have really dwindled... it would take some real effort to rebuild her career and ignite some positive buzz about her work

Esha Deol’s worst career move was: Trying to be a conventional heroine… she would have fared much better with darker, edgier fare

What distinguishes Esha Deol as an actor: That harsh, restless quality I mentioned earlier… she took it overboard in Ankahee, but I really liked it in Just Married. With the right roles, she could really harness and showcase that unique energy… but first she needs to find the right roles… and I'm not sure she has it in her. I would love to be proved wrong.

My advice to Esha Deol is: Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the feeling you aren’t passionate about acting. Figure out whether you really want to be an actor or not. If you just want to be a star and enjoy the perks (glamour, attention etc), then you have to be prepared to really work on reviving your career and going after solid roles (even in smaller, more independent films). Otherwise, you will have to get those perks some other way, famous parents or not.


bollywooddeewana said...

Hmmm some interesting thoughts on here, although i think it just shows that we do have different tastes, i liked Ankahee a lot

its not a perfect film by any means but i found it very watchable and i do agree with you That Esha was good in it, in fact i recommend that film for those who question her acting, i think the reason ppl haven't taken to her, is the rather edgy almost masculine stance about her, perhaps she just needs to pick more independent films that showcases her talents like you said or cultivate a softer image

On Abhay i've only seen him in Dev D and i have to say i really struggled with that movie, i enjoy my movies served with lashings of melodrama and over the top hamminess at times (I blame the 80's for this). I'll decide how i feel about him properly when i see him in Socha na tha which i heard Dharmendra produced actually

On bobby after Dharam, i think Bobby is my favourite Deol, i've seen quite a lot of his films and i simply enjoy watching him. I don't mind the long hair but i do agree that the buzz cut he had in Dostana looked the best on him

Daddy's Girl said...

I really need to see more of Bobby's work, I think I've just been unlucky and seen more of his dodgy films than his good ones... I like him a lot but I always seem to feel a bit underwhelmed by the movies he does.

I think Abhay Deol is a bit overrated actually, he's really not the greatest actor ever as some people seem to think, but I do think he's very good and I like the fact that he marches to the beat of his own drum and tries different stuff. And I like his confidence a lot. I would love to know what you think of Socha Na Tha after you see it, I liked it a lot.

And that's a very good point about Esha... it might actually serve her well to try to cultivate a softer image... I tend to think she just doesn't do 'soft' well, but reading Nesspi's 'Yuva' review: HERE
reminded me that she did show some softness in that film, and she did in 'Just Married' as well.

Ness said...

I really like your insights on Esha - they really encourage me to seek out more of her films.

Bobby is one of my favourite Deols! Maybe I have a soft spot for the underdog - he has been in some dodgy films, but he has wicked comic timing and I think he is good at what he does. Abhay...meh. I liked his performance in DevD but many of his other films have underwhelmed me, and I feel like he gets a lot of attention for "doing something different" when to me..you still have do do what you do WELL, and he doesn't always do that for me.