Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Another year’s gone by, faster than a speeding rocket! It was a very eventful and busy year for me, personally and professionally, and I didn’t have much time for Bollywood. I did keep tabs on news and events in the industry, and my favourite Bollywood blogs and websites. It wasn’t a great year for Bollywood in my opinion, it didn’t seem to me that there were a lot of fantastic movies or fresh, creative ideas… but that being said, I really haven’t seen enough of the year’s movies to really have a strong opinion on the overall quality of the industry’s output in 2012.

Because I didn’t have much time to watch films this year, I didn’t do much blogging at all this year… hopefully that will change next year when I get a chance to catch up on my sadly neglected DVD collection! Anyway, this post is basically just to wish anyone who still wanders here by accident Happy Holidays and a very happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous 2013! Here’s hoping it goes well for us all!


veracious said...

You probably know which films to check out when you have the time again.. I was going to say I've found 2012 quite interesting, actually, but when it really comes down to it, there aren't that many films I really liked. Kahaani, English Vinglish, Shanghai and Aiyyaa.. But that's about it, unless I'm forgetting something very important. (And there's a ton I've not seen yet, like Talaash.)

dustedoff said...

And a happy New Year to you too! I hope each film you watch in 2013 turns out to be at least good. :-)

I'll echo veracious for Kahaani and English - both enjoyable. I also liked Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, but felt a little let down by Talaash - though the acting was all-around good, and the story had its merits.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy's Girl! I really like your blog, but do you have a link to all your movie reviews? Because I can't seem to find it anywhere on you page and would appreciate you pointing it out to me. Thanks, and have a good New Year!

Daddy's Girl said...

Veracious and Dustedoff, thanks so much for the recommendations - I will definitely check those ones out. Happy New Year!!

Anon, thanks so much... you're right, I don't have an index of my movie reviews yet, but it's a great idea, and I'm definitely going to work on one, it should be up in a week or so. I need to tidy up the blog quite a bit actually, get rid of some dead links, etc, so thanks for the kick in the pants! Happy New Year!

Filmbuff said...

Happy new year 2013. Hope to see you blogging again soon. I second earlier recos about Kahani, English Vinglish. I would also recommend Vicky Donor, Paan Singh Tomar, Lanka and Barfi. All these films were good in 2012. Rani's role in Taalash did not do justice to her acting talent - she had nothing much to do

yves said...

Hi DG,
just wanted to make sure you knew about this one!

Akshay said...

I do not know why so over reaction on it.