Thursday, December 24, 2009


More deliciousness from Secret Santa:

On the 11th day of Christmas, Daddy's Girl puts her plan into action - Beautiful Dharam will solve all!!

Beautiful Dharam's Recipe for Success Against Evil:

One part reassurance - he'll forgive you. Promise! Just be good! Won't you be good for him?

One part seduction - don't you want a kissy? A teensy weensy kissy? Well, you know what you got to do for it!

Two parts shame - shame on your evilness! Look how unhappy it makes him! Are you satisfied now? He's so disappointed in you! How can you live with yourself, evil person?

Two parts promise - he'll introduce you to his cool friends! He'll be the brother you never had!

Two parts stalking - he doesn't like to do it, you understand. It's beneath his hotness. But sometimes a guy's gotta do what he's gotta do.

Two parts treat - you play nice and you know what happens? He treats you like a princess! He'll carry the baskets and he'll pour you champagne.

One part sugar - well, blush! Only if you're really good, mind.

BUT!! If nothing will get through your thick head - then Dharam is going to get Garam!

Bow! Bow before the power of the perfection that is Dharam!

Now... what could I possibly add to that? Except, thank you so much for all this awesomeness, Santa!!!

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San said...

A garam Dharam fest