Thursday, April 26, 2007


I had to post this cute picture on my blog:

It's Dharmendra (who seems to have lost quite a bit of weight), and his sons Bobby (don't you just love how he's hugging his dad close?) and Sunny. These three Deol men are getting ready for the release of their new movie (and first movie together), 'Apne'. Many, many thanks to Sanket for directing me to the photo. I really hope 'Apne' is a good movie, and I also hope that it gets a good reception when it comes out. So far, it looks promising. My fingers are crossed.


Angela G. Skylar said...

Wow, this looks like an interesting movie. How awesome is this, three Deols in the same film and yes this is a very cute pic!
Through the Bollywood grapevine, I heard that Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty may play heroines in the film.

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks for the comment, Angela! So Katrina for Bobby and Shilpa for Sunny, I guess... I've seen the Shilpa/Sunny jodi before (in 'Indian') and I thought they had less than zero chemistry... but will be interesting to see how they do in 'Apne'.