Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have decided to repent and to remember my first love. This blog is dedicated to Dharmendra, but I have done quite a few posts on other Bollywood-related subjects. Mainly, these posts have been slightly silly and have focused a bit too much on hotness. I should apologise, but it has been far too much fun! Anyways, in an effort to act my age and return to my love for Dharmendra, here is a lovely quote I dug up on about my dear Dharmendra. The quote is from an interview with Dharam's wife of 26 years, the lovely Hema Malini, and I think it's quite sweet:

If I have any regrets they are that I couldn't do more romantic films with Dharmendra. Though we were a hit pair we couldn't really create any impact with our films. Which is ironical because we were so much in love. I think perhaps because we were so much in love we forgot all about creating a romantic screen pair.