Wednesday, February 24, 2010

70s Week!!!

*Ultra-groovy picture courtesy of V Love Movies.

It’s 70s week, and everyone in the Bolly-blogosphere is talking about it… lots of great bloggers are participating, so if you’ve been missing out on all the bell-bottomed fun, then *gasp* - where have you been?!! You need to head over to Beth Loves Bollywood pronto, where you can find out about all the participating bloggers (including Beth herself, of course)… and read all the fun, thought-provoking, enlightening posts…. I've been having a great time... I just read Memsaab’s fabulously entertaining list of her 10(-ish) favourite 70s Hindi films....

As you might notice from Beth's list of blogs participating in 70s week, I signed up to take part in the platformed festivities… but since the week began, I’ve been traveling non-stop and in a veritable tizz of endless work-related activity… added to which my trusty laptop has remained in a coma from which it may never awaken *sob sob*. Anyway, all that = no 70s week post yet, and although I’ve blogged about LOTS of 70s flicks before here (I think I’ve watched more Hindi films from that era than any other – with the possible exception of the noughties), I’m not keen on reposting an old review… I would rather write something new. And so I will. Soon. My first 70s week will probably (and quite fittingly) be Part 2 of the Decades of Dharam feature I began a couple of months ago… and that will hopefully go up today or tomorrow. After which I will hopefully do at least one more post for 70s week….

In the meantime, if you haven’t been doing so, enjoy all the brilliant posts by brilliant bloggers - thoughtfully celebrating all the things we love (and some we don’t) from the glorious Bollywood films of the 70s….


Beth said...

The Decades of Dharam will be a very welcome addition no matter when they appear!

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks Beth!