Monday, March 10, 2008


Hmmm... I think I may have just jinxed myself with the very optimistic 'more regular updates' prediction at the end of my last post... which I put up two whole months ago! Hilarious. Oh well, the best laid plans... but I really do plan to post more often from now on...

So anyway, here's the subject of my post looking stunning at the recent Filmfare Awards, at which she took home the statuette for Best Actress...

My first Bebo experience was with 'Poo' in 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham'(K3G) and I COULD NOT STAND her! I thought I would be scarred for life by that performance and in some ways I think I might be - sometimes, when I start to think positive things about Kareena Kapoor, a mental image of Poo (complete with sound effects - the horrible way she spoke in that film) flits into my head and I shudder and try to think of something or someone else!

Such was the repugnance of 'Poo' to my very soul that I convinced myself that not only was Bebo really, really, cringeworthily, ANNOYING, she wasn't even cute, or pretty, or attractive! But I was prejudiced, andI've long since revised my views and admitted to myself that, especially on her 'good days', Kareena is actually quite lovely in a striking, 'different' sort of way - and seeing her stunning image on billboards in Mumbai convinced me of that 110%. The eyes are set quite close together (not a sign of 'classic' beauty), the jaw is strong, the lips are remarkable (can't think of another description for them), the regal nose, the sassy chin - altogether the features make up a lovely, interesting face. And I also have to acknowledge that 'Poo' is not solely Kareena's 'fault'. Poo is simply a very annoying character, and I guess Bebo was only doing her job...

I've seen Kareena Kapoor in quite a few films, but until recently, I've only really liked her (as opposed to thinking 'not too bad' or 'good in some parts, bad in others') in two: 'Asoka' and 'Omkara'. And I once wondered if there wasn't something a little mean-spirited and perverse on my part for liking Bebo in only those movies - Dolly and Kaurwaki are both very tragic characters who meet with very sad ends... could it be that I just like watching Bebo suffer?

Happily for my conscience, the answer is a resounding 'no' - in 'Jab We Met' (JWM'), Bebo's character, Geet, is a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, carefree young lady, who, although she does suffer alittle, ultimately gets her very happy ending. But unlike some of Bebo's other 'less tragic' turns (think 'Bewafaa', 'Aitraaz', 'Dosti' (oh wait, that was tragic but I still hated it), 'Mujhse Dosti Karogi' and of course the Poo-tastic K3G), I found her portrayal of Geet really fresh, lovely and perfectly charming. Considering that the character is a little over-the-top (and that's putting it mildly), I thought Kareena's portrayal was pretty much perfect. She did a great job of creating a distinctive, but also very relatable and 'real' character.

Also spot-on was the lovely liplock at the end of JWM... like big sis Lolo (the star of my 'Bollywood Kisses' post, which was one of my all-time funnest posts to do), Kareena has proven that she can do areally good onscreen kiss... I love how Shahid's fingers go through her hoop earring by the way, there's that sweetness and pleasure but also the intensity and abandon of the moment... love it.
There are tons of places where you can read about JWM in more detail and more compelling language, so I won't lay my thoughts on you. All I will say is that its message is pleasantly and refreshingly positive about life in general; that it's about self-discovery, freedom, forgiveness,and living an authentic life (messages I love); that there's: lovely chemistry between the leads, very cute and witty dialogues, and fun songs with fun picturisations; that Shahid is very, very cute (have to say I am loving him these days) and Bebo is very lovely, and... must leave it there or else I'll go on about it forever. Definitely worth checking out of you're a fan of good romantic comedy. Finally Bebo and Shahid got it right even if it was at the end of their real-life romance... a befitting 'au revoir', I think. And now I'm off to find another good Kareena performance to keep her glowing in my heart alittle longer - I'm thinking 'Yuva', 'Chameli' or 'Refugee'... what say ye?

(Actually, since writing this post, I've seen Kareena in '36 China Town' in which I think she did well... so (sigh), it looks like I'll be eating my words once again and starting to like someone I declared I never would!)

Up next... my first 'Faces' post...


Uzo said...

Sheesh...Its about time you updated...

Seeing as i just saw her as Poo (poo poo really) in K3G a few weeks ago, i cant really think of anything good about this child. Add to that the stories of her diva and rude behavior and the fact that she is now dating my sweetie Saif Ali.....I am just not a fan. Asoka (i was too wrapped up in SRK and his long hair to really care about her), Omkara (was so wrapped up in the intensity and brilliance of the movie to care about her)

I will still see Jab We Met though

Sanket Vyas said...

Saw this movie over the holidays and I must agree with you - I loved it! Kareena did a great job and the movie was just sweet & moved along at a great pace. Reminded me alot of 'Socha Na Tha' - both movies took me by complete surprise and I enjoyed them both immensely.

I saw KK in 'Refugee' and she handled that role with grace & humility - definitely see it. She followed it up with all of her 'Poo' roles and I just hated her. But it all changed with 'Chameli' - great movie and she owned it. 'Omkara' came next and this is the third good KK movie I have seen. Not seen 'Yuva' so I can't comment although I have heard good things.

I did hear something on ATN radio that she was obsessed with getting thin (like Paris Hilton) and that even Karishma was taken aback by how 'good' she looked. Poor girl, if she just concentrated on her acting... but then looks sell both in Bollywood and Hollywood I guess.

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yves said...

Hi DG,

I enjoyed reading this post very much... always appreciate somebody coming to terms with his/her prejudices! You know, it's real funny, because Bebo's "Poo" role is one of my favourites! I positively gloat on that "whatever" intonation of hers!! Such a natural! Being a man helps, I suppose, but really, she's so at ease in that role, don't you think, now? It fits her perfectly.

Daddy's Girl said...

@uzo: I think you'll love JWM as much as I did... maybe even more...

@sanket: True, she does seem to be very focused on her look (and maintaining her new slimness) at the moment, and I guess there is a lot of pressure in her line of work... a pity, really. I am starting to discover that she's good at acting as well as being (apprently) superficial, and it's a pleasant discovery so far, thanks for the 'Chameli' and 'Refugee' reccies!

@yves: Thanks for the comment - it's so funny you should say that, because only last week I was talking to someone else who says she really 'got' the character of Poo, and that Kareena made the character amusing rather than annoying. I just have to completely disagree - I can't stand Poo! She makes me cringe! And as to Kareena being at ease in that role, I don't really think that speaks well of her, since the character is so ridiculously shallow and silly. But on the other hand, I'm glad to know that there are some out there who appreciated the character!

Sanni said...

Welcome back! ;)

I also hated Poo on my first watch of K3G and Kareena was for a very long time my least favourite Bollywood actress. Now she rates among my favourites, and I look forward to her future movies a lot. Jab We Met, Omkara, and her comedy in 36 China Town (not an amazing film but very fun!) really made me a fan.

Also, this may not be the same for you but when I rewatched K3G years later, I actually liked her character. Her chemistry with Hrithik is awesome - I hope they do a film together again one day. Well, I hope they do a good film, anyway!

I agree with yves that in the end, Bebo made Poo a funny caricature. With that said, I can see why the character annoys people.

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks Sanni... whenever I rewatch K3G, I just skip over all the parts with Poo in them, but now I'm wondering whether I should give them a try and see if, like you, I can see the character differently now. Either way, I am definitely starting to see a different side of Kareena and I'm glad; and I know what you mean about 36 China Town, it's no masterpiece but it's very enjoyable!

Alan said...

Hey DG, I've seen Yuva, Chameli and Refugee. I don't recall her perfomance in Yuva, so it must not have been memorable. Refugee was a long time ago, but I enjoyed the film. The only Kareena scene I can recall is her wearing a red outfit and jumping on Abishek's in a "friendly" way. In Chameli, she showed her acting chops, but the movie was literally a sleeper. It took us three tries to get through it and stay awake. I liked Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Her character was fun and likeable in that one. It has Hritik and Abishek in it, so I think most girls would like the movie.

I agree with your accessment of the "Poo" character. The infamous dance from Don is right there also.

She is much like her sister in that she gets better looking as she ages.

Daddy's Girl said...

Ah Alan, thank you - how could I have forgotten the strange robotic dance in 'Don'? Another case of 'what were they thinking'? I definitely agree with you on Karisma's looks - she is looking more beautiful than ever these days.

Reema said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Kareena. Loved her in Asoka and Jab We Met, hated her in K3G. And I really can't decide if I generally like her or not. :P

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Thanks to this post...I decided to buy this movie "Jab we met"...and it was sooo worth the buy.

Daddy's Girl said...

@reema: I know, her performance in K3G was painful...

@ns opeke: It's been AGES!!! Have I missed you or have I missed you? Anyway, will check in properly in a minute. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie, it's definitely worth putting in the DVD collection!

Banno said...

I guess having a teenage daughter helped me to "get" Poo. She makes you cringe, but she's real, too. And she's gorgeous. I've always been a Kareena fan.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post (and your whole blog) a lot. I had the same "problem" with Kareena. Your description of her face is wonderful. I think it's just plain fun to look at, and reminds me of a face you'd seen in a work of Matisse or maybe even Picasso. I had seen Kapoor in K3G, 36 Chinatown, Aitraaz, Hulchul, Dev, Asoka, Bewafaa, Don and everytime liked her a bit more, but wasn't won over. Then I saw Omkara, Jab We Met, and Chameli, and those 3 movies sealed it and I officially love her. Here are a couple of my Karina freak out posts:

I also had the same thing happened to me with Katrina Kaif, from "huh?" to "Love her!"

So it happens and it is big of you to admit it.

All the best,


Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Sita-ji, thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I really enjoy your blog as well. I like your description of Kareena's face as something you might see in a Matisse or Picasso - that's so apt!

Daddy's Girl said...

Banno, I meant to say this some time ago: your comment as well as Sanni's have got me really curious... perhaps I need to revisit Poo... I'm not sure my opinion of the performance will change (in fact, revisiting Poo may render my newfound admiration of Ms Kapoor wholly temporary), but I am really curious now as to what I may have missed. Thanks for your comment!

theBollywoodFan said...

I might be in the minority here, but I rather liked Kareena in Yuva. Perhaps it was to do with the story (a few plots run in parallel), so Bebo's on-screen time is reduced. But she makes the most of it!

Then again, I have rather liked Kareena in about everything (except Yaadein). Asoka and Jab We Met are, to me, her best performances. And I am convinced that that has to do more with her wardrobe in those films, which were fantastic!

ajnabi said...

I didn't hate Kareena in K3G, but I didn't like her at all either. So I too was surprised at how much I loved her performance in JWM. It's one of my all-time favorite movies and she's become one of my favorite BW actresses in a short period of time.

Daddy's Girl said...

@thebollywoodfan: Thanks for stopping by. I think she did well in Yuva too - her character wasn't properly developed and her storyline with Vivek's character needed some fleshing out (or to be left out of the script completely), I thought, but that wasn't her fault. I did love her clothes and make-up in Asoka and JWN (Omkara too) - thanks for mentioning that.

@ajnabi: It's so tough not to fall in love with JWM - I'm not surprised that it's become one of your favourites! Kareena did such a great job with that role, and Shahid was lovely too.

Nicki said...


I just happen to come across your blog through Ajnabi.

I looooved Jab We Met. Kareena is one of my faves and I used to hate her so much, hahaha. I think it has a lot to do with her hype with the Kapoor last name.

If you like Jab We Met, you should watch Korean romantic comedies.

I didn't write much about it on my blog though

Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Nicki, thanks for stopping by! I've never really tried a Korean movie, but I've heard loads of good things, so will definitely look out for a Korean romcom. I enjoyed your post on Jab We Met very much - I am so with you on the 'adorableness' of Shahid!

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