Wednesday, March 28, 2007

THE THREES TAG (with a Bollywood twist)

I got tagged by Maja. I've done this tag before, on another blog, but just couldn't resist doing it again. This time, I've tried to make all my answers Bollywood-related.

3 things that scare me

  • Amrish Puri in some of his really evil roles
  • Rishi Kapoor’s ’80s sweaters (and the fact that no-one told him not to wear them – I mean, whatever happened to the milk of human kindness?)
  • Jackie Shroff dancing around in the ocean (in his infamous Speedo) in ‘Rangeela’

3 people who make me laugh

  • Dilip Kumar
  • Amitabh Bachchan in his some of his older flicks
  • Johnny Lever (at least when he’s not being really annoying)

3 things I love

  • Watching Bollywood DVDs alone on my laptop with the lights turned down
  • Catching a Bollywood movie at the cinema with Uzo
  • Kajol’s unibrow, Ajay Devgan’s teeth, SRK’s dancing, Hrishikesh Mukherjee films, Vinod Khanna’s brown eyes, ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ from ‘Don’ (2006), Jaya Bhaduri’s older performances (I know, that’s more than one, lekhin kya karoon?)

3 things I hate

  • Poor sub-titling
  • When they use ‘wonder dogs’ in Bollywood movies – I don’t know why, but I just can’t shake the feeling that those animals are harmed
  • The slightly-pink porridge-consistency fake blood they used in the older Bollywood films

3 things I don't understand

  • Hindi (except the odd word here and there)
  • The whole revenge theme and why it’s such a big thing in Bollywood cinema
  • How Salman got worse (as an actor and dancer) instead of better

3 things on my desk
(I’m writing this in my bedroom, and I don’t have a desk so I’ll do ‘3 things on my bed’)

  • Clothes I really should hang up right away (but won’t just yet)
  • My laptop
  • My workout DVD

3 things I'm doing right now

  • Listening to the cheesy-but-good VH1 Divas Live performance of ‘You’ve Got A Friend’
  • Hoping and praying we don’t have a power cut tonight so that I can get some sleep
  • Wishing there were more hours in a day to do all the things I want to do

3 things I want to do before I die

  • Visit India at least 7 times
  • Travel to many more countries around the world
  • Be in a Bollywood movie (and definitely not as a stereotypical black baddie or African ‘tribal’ dancer) – well, a girl can dream, right?

3 things I can do

  • Multi-task compulsively
  • Take loads of screencaps while watching a Bollywood DVD
  • Collect random facts about Bollywood people

3 things you should listen to

  • The songs from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!’, the songs from ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’, the songs from ‘Aradhana’, the songs from ‘Abhimaan’, the songs from ‘Junglee’, the songs from ‘Don’ (2006) (well, except ‘Yeh Mera Dil’), and the songs from ‘Umrao Jaan’ (the older movie).
  • ‘O Saathi Re’ from ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’… and just about anything else sung by Kishore Kumar – just an exquisite, gorgeous voice.
  • Amitabh Bachchan’s ultra-expressive voice, Rani Mukherjee’s husky low voice, and Dharmendra’s sexy voice.
    (again, too many, but what’s a girl to do?)

3 things you should never listen to

  • That naughty little voice that tells you to order/buy another Bollywood DVD when you know you really can’t afford it (I’m actually getting pretty good at ignoring it now!)
  • People who ridicule and put down your interests and hobbies (e.g. Bollywood)
  • 'Yeh Mera Dil' from 'Don' (2006)

3 things I want to learn

  • A lot more about India’s history and culture
  • Hindi (so I can just turn off the subtitles hameesha AND converse with Hindi-speakers in their own language – now wouldn’t that be too cool?) and some other languages
  • To dance like Aishwarya Rai or Madhuri Dixit (yeah, right! LOL at just how realistic that is)

3 favourite foods (Indian)
(I have way more than 3, so I’ll just do the places where I’ve been known to eat Indian)

  • Food from the Indian restaurant in Hotel Victoria Palace, off Idejo Street in Victoria Island, Lagos (I really want to try their Sunday lunch buffet sometime soon – Uzo, are you game?)
  • Food from The Bridge Tandoori Restaurant down the road from Tower Bridge in London (I miss it!)
  • Food from Sherlaton Restaurant in Victoria Island (not as good as Victoria Palace, IMO, but good)

3 beverages I drink regularly

  • Water
  • Water
  • Water (love the stuff)

3 childhood (Bollywood-related) TV shows / books

  • Can’t remember how, but I stumbled upon a Filmfare magazine sometime in the ’80s. I remember thinking the women were so gorgeous and the guys were so NOT (hey, I was a kid!) The mag was full of pictures of Madhuri Dixit (I thought she was gorgeous) and Pooja Bhatt (I thought she looked like such a baddd girl – she was wearing black leather in all the pictures).
  • Mahabharat – at least I think it was (from when we had cable – it was broadcast early on Sunday mornings.
  • I can’t think of a third – so I’ll go for a Bollywood movie from my childhood: Mard, starring Amitabh Bachchan – a very weird, but somehow very entertaining kind of film.


Tohou Lidia said...

Great tag!
And i'm very very surprised - you only mentioned Dharmendra once!! Should he be worried that someone else is stealing your affections? :P

Gosh i want to be in a bollywood movie as well! And not like the immoral western girl like in Neal n Niki :) I want to dance like Madhuri as well - but even more so like Priyanka Chopra :)

Haha...Johnny Lever....


Daddy's Girl said...

@Amy: LOL - I guess I am not the most faithful fake-pretend girlfriend! But I'm sure Dharmendra understands - with the huge age difference between us, I'm bound to get a little distracted now and again... LOLLL

I haven't seen 'Neal n Nikki' - the name is a bit off-putting - is it a good film?

Maja said...

Ha, love the Bollywood twist, great idea! And I can relate to sooo many of your answers (and especially the fact that you couldn't stick to just 3 items in each answer, I had a hard time with that too).

I've developed a sudden liking for Priyanka as well, I think it happened after Salaam-e-Ishq which is weird, cos I really didn't like her character until halfway through the film ... But I loved her in the Saiyaan Re number, and also I feel like I should stick up for her (as if she needed it lol) after seeing Karan and Hrithik attack her out of nowhere on KWK for "eating too much". Wth?! She has the perfect figure, she's gorgeous!


Anyway, you forgot to tag people ;)

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL I enjoyed the digression, Maja! I like Priyanka too - she seems like a really fun person - she seems approachable despite her sheer gorgeousness. She might not be the greatest actress in Bollywood, but she can dance really well and she always looks good. She definitely has the perfect figure - Hrithik and Karan are just jealous IMO. LOL (And if she really does eat a lot and still manage to look like that... well, then I'm not so sure I like her after all LOL). I really need to see that Koffee with Karan episode - sadly I can't watch youtube vids on my PC. So, anyway, yay Priyanka!!

Thanks for letting me know that I forgot to tag people! I will fix that...