Friday, February 16, 2007


Yayyy!! It’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m really excited about it, although I have no plans for the day yet… it’s always nice to know that you’ve survived another year of life – and this past one has been a particularly tough one, so I’m very thankful to have made it this far.

There won’t be any Bollywood elements to this birthday, sadly – can’t think of anything interesting and birthday-ish enough. (Any suggestions? Please?) Just watching another Bollywood DVD alone and eating some junk food won’t cut it – been there, done that. I’m watching ‘Karan Arjun’ at the moment, but I’ll probably finish it tonight. I have to say I’m really liking it, which surprises me since almost all the reviews I’ve read have been either blah or just bad. Anyway, I’m going to try and relax tomorrow, maybe treat myself to a pedicure, or a movie, or a new outfit… And my family and friends will call (one or two might come over), and there’ll probably be a little cake for the people in my house… not bad, eh? But I’d still appreciate suggestions for making this birthday a bit Bollywood-y.

In other news, something seems to be wrong with Blogger… it arbitrarily cut a huge chunk out of my last post (I know it was too long but sheesh) and is refusing to let me edit the post; and it is not ‘refreshing’ (apologies for my technophobe lingo) my blogs even after I’ve published new posts - weird. (This seems to be all fixed now)

Anyway, have a great weekend ya’ll.


Maja said...

I won't be able to come back to your blog tomorrow cos I'm going on vacation, so let me just wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY right now! I hope you have a great day tomorrow :) I'd come over with a cake and a bunch of movies to watch if it was possible, but what else could you do to make your birthday a bit more Bollywood-y, hmm ... Well, for a start, I suggest you listen to the Salaam-e-Ishq soundtrack as soon as you wake up, or maybe while you're having breakfast, that should put you in a good mood for the day :) And then ... oh, if you've not seen it yet, you could watch the KBC Valentine's Day special (actually, maybe I shouldn't be recommending that before I've actually seen it myself, but hey, it can't be bad, can it?).

Daddy's Girl said...

Fabulous suggestions, Maja! Thanks - I love the one about waking up to 'Salaam e Ishq, Ishq, Ishq'... love that soundtrack. I'm definitely doing that one. I'm going to hunt down the KBC Valentine's Day special too. I almost don't care if it's bad, SRK is always fun to watch!

Have a FABULOUS vacation - you've earned it! And thanks for the birthday wishes!

9ja Opeke said...

Happy Birthday to you! I guess as I am sending this birthday wishes you would have been dancing and probably have cut the huge cake I sent (wink)...anything for a dear friend.Hope you noticed the guy who brought it? Well, just wanted to wish you best wishes on your birthday and praying you have all the good things in life...Amen.

t-HYPE said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

That's the 4th birthday this week for me!

Hope you did something fun.

Alan said...

Happy belated birthday! (I won't ask which one) :)

Daddy's Girl said...

@opeke: Thanks a million dear. I'm still waiting for the hunk with my cake. LOL

@t-hype: Well I kinda did... thanks!

@alan: Thank you! (Glad you didn't ask!)